We inspired by projects that gives people possiblity to live active and useful life and decided to help them with 2,5% of all incomes.

Hospital for disabled children, Russia

May 2016, gifts were made by shala students with love and creativity, thank you!


BIA Foundation (Bodhisattvas In Action, Nepal)

They are personally help to disable people and poor children to get skills that aalow them live full and active life. Also they help to get a job or establish their own business. So, this is not just charity, this the precious oportunity to live useful and happy life with developing.

BIA website

We transfer them 2,5% from all incomes since June 2015.

  1. June 2015
  2. July 2015
  3. October 2015

Karmapa International Buddhist Institute, India

According Buddha’s teachings the best that the one can get is the possibility to known self’s mind. It gives unconditional happiness and possibility to be fully useful to others.

The Karmapa International Buddhist Institute promotes basic Buddhist learning and teaches the ancient wisdom of Buddhism to both lay and ordained practitioners and gives the precious opportunity to get the clear knowledge and practice.

KIBI website

We visit KIBI 2 times a year and pass them cash.

  1. August 2015
  2. September 2015
  3. November 2015