AuthorizationAuthorization is a verification from our teacher Sharath Jois that a student is experienced and skillful enough to teach others.

You cannot be authorized after first visit to Mysore to Institute of Ashtanga Yoga (KPJAYI) or on personal request. Only when Sharathji thinks a student knowledgeable and dedicated to practice enough, he rests responsibility upon him to hand the tradition further down. It can happen after 3-4 year, maybe in 10.

As long as Ashtanga yoga is a traditional school, the lineage (parampara) is very important. All the knowledge should be given from the teacher to the student. It isn’t enough to attend workshops and read books. It is very important to meet with you teacher every year, support and develop your practice, strictly following his instructions.

Currently there are about 20 authorized teachers in Russia. In St.Petersburg there are only two of them – Anna Guryeva and Tatiana Levitskaya. Both of them work in St.Petersburg Ashtanga yoga shala.

We do our best to preserve and share this strong tradition with you.